The EVOL Vision

The EVOL Story…starts with you

You bike, you train, you run for the bus, you go to meetings, you go for drinks.

You film, you edit, you consult clients over coffee, you operate on a wifi connection and a phone.

You value practicality, you match mood with the seasons and you need carry-wear that fits seamlessly into every day.

This is where we come in.

At EVOL our aim is to bring simplicity to busy lives through intelligent design.

We noticed a big gap in the market for smart-casual carry-wear that’s as practical as it is beautiful, so naturally we asked – how can we do it better?

Looking to the world of high performance fashion, we sourced and tested fabrics for durability and form, we experimented with shape, weight and size.

We drew inspiration from all around us – the streets of Melbourne to the beaches of Byron.

What we developed was weather-proof, shock-proof, light-weight, extra-strength base construction cases and carriers all within a minimalist aesthetic.

Or in other words, carry-wear that offers you the ultimate in security and style.