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Spotlight on Byron: next-generation carry-wear

Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs did this one simple thing every morning to declutter their daily routines. They chose to wear the same outfit every day. Why? Because when you have hundreds of important decisions to make, systemising daily tasks makes sense.

While you may not be ready to switch out your entire wardrobe, there is one item that needn’t change. Your work bag.

Let’s face it, you lead a busy life. You have clients to close, projects to submit, gallery openings to attend. You’re making decisions every minute.

When you’re juggling this much life, wouldn’t it be a relief to not have to juggle multiple bags on top of it all?

That was the question we asked ourselves.

How do we create a bag that will see you through all of your daily movements? A design that you trust for its durability, appreciate for its comfort and proudly wear for its urban luxury.

In an industry where function is too often sacrificed for style, we had to cast our net wider. So we looked to high-performance fashion and found inspiration in an unlikely source.

A bag built like a shoe

We love high performance fashion. It is grounded in functionality, but it inspires through its style and expression. It blends high-tech materials with high-end design and produces products that are not only adored, but also depended on daily.

At the epicentre of this innovation lives the humble sneaker – and the inspiration behind our Byron range.

Designed with the same precision, style and attention to detail of a performance shoe, Byron offers you unparalleled quality.

Encased in a highly water-resistant gel polyester, the Byron backpack features compartments for all your essentials including 15” laptop, adjustable straps for comfort, a trolley-loop which can be converted to a zipper pocket and a reinforced shock-proof base.

The sleek and compact silhouette is versatile enough to move from formal work environments to after-work drinks and through the weekend.

With space for everything that you need when you’re on the move, this is your answer to the mobile lifestyle.